Rachel Noble 

Rachel is an emerging author with her first Picture Book, Finn's Feather to be released in 2017 with Enchanted Lion in New York.


I began blogging at Mummy Muddles in 2012. It was a way to flex my wasted muscle; writing about little mothering mishaps and feelings. However, the blog took a very different turn when on in October 2012, I lost my son Hamish in an accident at home. The blog became a place of grief, of honour and of love. Unable to contain my overflowing feelings of grief, I turned to my computer to get myself through this exceptionally painful and challenging time. Not long after this, I won a National writing competition for My Child/Parenting Express called 'Honouring Hamish'.  I wrote a memoir about my grief and love for my son also called Honouring Hamish. This memoir is still looking for a home.  After this, I wrote my first work of fiction, 'Healing Hayley'. This novel is currently under serious consideration with an Australian publisher. I've started my next novel, 'Ruby Rising'.


My children's work is prolific. I have written many picture books and I'm so grateful my story about one little boy's grief, FINN'S FEATHER has found a home with New York publisher, Enchanted Lion. A long-time admirer of the books Enchanted Lion produce, I believe FINN has found the best possible home.  I have many other picture books I hope will make their way out into the world.