About Me

I am a writer and always have been. My love affair with words has been long and not always wonderful (they can be so tricky sometimes!). Nonetheless, I do love writing and how words can be woven to spark emotions, inspiration and memories. Words can stir things deep inside you that you even forgot existed! It’s the unexpected feelings that pop up that make words all the more magical. 

I am the author of Finn’s Feather (Enchanted Lion 2018) and Marty (Holiday House – July 2021). With more picture books coming your way in the coming years. I have five children aged between 17 and 7, so every night for 17 years I have read stories. It was with one of my babes on my lap that I fell in love with the picture books. I have been so lucky to work with illustrator Zoey Abbott for both of my picture books. Even though we live thousands of miles apart, I always know I can count on Zoey for insights and ideas when I get stuck in a story somewhere! Plus she sometimes draws me wonderful things I can put in a frame.

Zoey and I signing books at Square Books Jr in Oxford Mississippi

I also love to write poetry as well as prose, sometimes even lyrics! I also like to sing in the shower (but nobody would want to listen to that). My favourite place to write is in a café. I love coffee and watching people in conversation –  watching, laughing, talking, sometimes crying. Cafes are sometimes melting pots of the best of humankind. It’s probably no surprise that’s where my favourite character Marty the Martian works in my new book. He does love to watch humans after all. 

I live in Queensland, Australia on the tip of a forest. It’s a wonderful place to live. Some days leaves fall like rain, crickets will chirp, and a kaleidoscope of butterflies will emerge out of the forest. Most days I run around with my busy children, but I do love the quiet part of the day (apart from the crickets) when I’m left with my thoughts. 

The saddest part of my life is when I lost my baby boy Hamish in 2012. I write a lot about Hamish. I carry him in my heart now. I talk about Hamish a lot so I can help other parents who have lost children. It’s not easy but feels so important. Besides, any time I get to talk about my darling boy is a good day. I have spoken to a lot of people through the Queensland Childrens Hospital Bereavement service. I am so grateful to the team there for all of the love and support they give me and other people living with the loss of a child. 

Some slightly more interesting things about me

I love coffee – skinny cap please with an extra sprinkle of chocolate. 

I love sunsets (and sunrises – but getting up early is not my strong suit).

I love puppies  (okay, everyone likes puppies). 

I love poetry (Mary Oliver is a favourite).

I’m learning how to meditate and still my mind (that’s hard for us busy mums). 

I love public speaking – yep, I know this makes me weird, but I do love connecting with people.