An alien makes an unexpected friend in this irresistible picture book about finding your place in the universe.

Marty is a tiny green Martian who lives here on Earth. You’ve never noticed him before, because he is undercover . . . Marty wears disguises and studies human behavior in order to fit in. He is always watching, learning, and laughing.

And then one day, after much preparation, Marty gets a job! He loves to watch his customers, and he even makes some friends. But Marty knows he can never reveal his secret. Humans are terrified of Martians.

When his cover gets blown, Marty needs somewhere safe to go. Who will see beyond his strange, green looks to show him kindness?

This adorable story of an outsider with a good heart reminds readers that everyone needs a place to call home–and a friend for company. Zoey Abbott’s colorful art, full of elaborate costumes and whimsical details, pops against Rachel Noble’s spare, sweet text. With its charming way of promoting inclusivity, the book makes for a perfect companion to All Are Welcome.

The story of Marty and his quest to join the human race came to me in the shower one night. I jumped out, dripping wet, and wrote down the story immediately. Once I was happy with the story, I showed it to Zoey Abbott who ended up falling for Marty too! We decided to collaborate and our sweet little Martian was born. 

Marty (illustrated by Zoey Abbott and published by Holiday House) is almost here! You can pre-order here for delivery in early July!